Cervical and lumbar hypolordosis, also known as straight back or straight neck, occurs when the spine doesn’t have the normal amount of curvature that it should. This reduced curvature results in what is called a straight or flat spine. Hypolordosis, the decrease of curves in the spine, can be caused by prolonged periods of sitting and may be triggered by muscle spasms. While cervical and lumbar hypolordosis does not last long, it can chronically recur if the underlying causes are not treated. Common symptoms of cervical and lumbar hypolordosis include:

  • Numbness or tingling in your back
  • A lack of mobility in the neck or lower back
  • Back Spasms or tightness in your lower back
  • Shooting, aching, and sharp pain focused in your lower back
  • A loss of bladder control

Typically, diagnosing hypolordosis can be done through physical examinations. our chiropractor will conduct a physical evaluation of the spine, take measurements, and assess your flexibility to determine the severity of the hypolordosis. The measurement of the lumbar angles will help our chiropractor plan for treatment moving forward. Once our chiropractor finishes your evaluation, we will discuss treatment options that will best heal your condition.

Your treatment options for cervical and lumbar hypolordosis can range from taking steroid injections to alleviate pain, decompression procedures, and in more severe cases, fusion or stabilization of different vertebrae.

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