C. Frank Age 47

I have been a patient of Dr. Morganstein’s for 2 months. I came into the clinic with sciatic pain and migraines. These issues prevented me from enjoying my life and often caused me to use sick time at work. Since starting care my migraines have been reduced significantly in frequency and intensity and my leg/foot pain has lessened. The doctor and staff are courteous and friendly. I am very pleased with the progress to date.

L. Vacca Age 47

I see Dr. Morganstein for chronic neck, shoulder and elbow pain due to my line of work. I am a sign language interpreter and have developed many repetitive strain injuries. I find this location to be great and the treatment that I receive in this office is excellent. Jason is professional, empathetic and very knowledgeable. The office always makes time to address any concerns and make every effort to work within my insurance plan.

M. Zeitsoff Age 46

I have been a patient of Dr. Morganstein for the past 6 years. He treats me on a supportive basis because of prior back surgeries. I was suffering from sleeping problems, and pain with standing. Jason has helped me deal with the pain and lack of lower back mobility. He has helped me to develop an exercise routine and home care stretching which helps tremendously. Jason is very caring and professional. He is the best chiropractor that I have ever seen and I have seen chiropractors for many years.

R. Lowe Age 59

I was referred to Spine and Sportcare through my health plan, Kaiser. I started care to treat my lower back and hips. I have had the problem since I was 21. I was involved in an auto accident which left me with chronic pain. Since starting care I have no pain and can move more freely. The doctor and staff are wonderful. Thanks for all of your help.

P. Perata Age 73

I was referred to Spine and Sportcare though my insurance carrier. It only took a couple of weeks for Dr. Morganstein to take care of the pain in my neck. I was having a lot of discomfort and was unable to move my head from side to side. It limited me from driving my car, and seemed to be getting worse. After a couple weeks of treatment, I am feeling great. Some medical doctors don’t like this sort of treatment, but I think it is great. Thanks Dr. Jason!